e.stylo – High Accuracy and Precision Wooden Stylus


If you need a high precision stylus for your art work on your iPad or iPhone, then e.stylo is the stylus for you. The e.stylo is actually made from wood and the first thought would be wouldn’t that scratch my iPad? According to them, the stylus has a special layer of protective film that will prevent it from ever scratching your screen. But even so, it’s recommended that users don’t use excessive force with it.

If you think that by picking a piece of wood and drawing on your iPad is going to work, then you’re going to be disappointed. This unique stylus is coated with a special material that will transfer your bodies electrons to the stylus and from the stylus to the screen. That’s why you can use it on any capacitive screen like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad, Nintendo DS and most Tablet PCs.

There’s 2 colors to choose from, black and pink. The e.stylo costs $20.94 including shipping in the US. Head on to plai.tv to place your order if you’re interested.

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