FLAXUS: Wearable Fashion Stylus


The typical styluses that’s out there in the market are the ones that is shaped like a pen which you either just leave it along with your iPad or put it in your pocket. AEGLO which is a Hong Kong based company that offers unique mobile accessories has put both fashion and usability in this new product called the FLAXUS. It basically doubles as a stylus and also as a wearable fashion bracelet. The FLAXUS stylus is a unisex product that comes in 7 different colors (Raven Black, Arctic White, Maroon Pink, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Khaki Yellow and Cadmium Orange).


It is made of premium grade silicone with anti-dust coating and is also washable. It also comes with dual conductive stylus tips at both ends and comes with 2 extra replacement tips. The tip is compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices which means you can use if on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices like Nexus and Samsung. FLAXUS easily coils up to let you wear it as a bracelet or just simply wrap it around your bag handle. When extended, it seems to be strong and sturdy to let you write and sketch more accurately compared with your finger. This is a Kickstarter project and if you’re interested in making this a reality, head on to the site and pledge before March 7th 2013.

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  1. Hi I have at least 4 of your styluses and I like them the only thing is the little rubber ends keep falling off anyway I can purchase just them thank you

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