Griffin’s New Glowing Stylus Lets Your Kids Draw From Far


Those who own an iPad and also have kids will know that they worry about their children banging away on the tablet, what more if you give them a stylus to play as well. Here’s one new cool stylus from Griffin called the Crayola Light Marker which is a glowing stylus that lets you draw in mid-air and also from a distance.

Now that seems really fascinating but what happens is that the marker’s glowing tip is detected by the iPad’s front facing camera and translates the movement where you can select items and draw just by waving your hand. There’s a free app that you can download from the App Store and lets your children play games like connect the dots and watch animals appear or pop balloons. The Crayola Light Marker is retailed at $29.99 and you can find more information here. Check out the demo of the product at CES 2013.

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