iPen 2: The Stylus That Works On Nearly All Your Apple Gadgets

The iPen is back with an updated version with a pressure-sensitive stylus. This time round, the iPen 2 is designed to work not only on your iPad but also the Apple displays and iMacs that is running both Mac OS and Windows. The people behind the stylus are trying to make it work on the Macbook Pro as well as the iPad Mini but that’s still in the works.

While the universal stylus is the same for all the Apple products supported but it uses a different receiver for the iPad and the iMac. The iPen 1 uses 2 replaceable batteries but the new iPen 2 comes with a rechargeable battery. It also has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivy and is angle agnostic meaning you can use the pen in any angles because it uses signal to transmit to the receiver. It also has palm rejection so that you will not make unneccesary mistakes by resting your palm on the screen.

The iPen 2 however does not work with just any app and there’s no final list of supported apps as of time of writing but they are working with the developers to get it compatible with the stylus. You can check out the latest list of supported apps for the iPen 1 here. This is a Kickstarter project that requires funding to become a reality. If you’re interested, head on to the Kickstarter page before February 5th 2013 and make a pledge. Check out the video demo below:-


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