iPen – Active Stylus For iPad


Meet the iPen, claimed to be the first active stylus for the iPad. The reason it’s called “active” is because wherever you point the stylus on the iPad, it’s constantly being tracked. I’ll come into that in a bit.

The iPen comes in 2 parts where there is a stylus and also a receiver which you attach to your iPad. The receiver detects the iPen’s signal and its precise position as it hovers above the screen where traditional “passive” stylus only checks when it touches the screen.

There’s 3 distinct differences for this stylus which is:-

  • Proximity Sensitivity
  • Precise Handwriting and Drawing
  • Palm Rejection 


So the proximity sensitivity allows tracking of the stylus as it hovers around the iPad. The tip of the stylus is also very fine to give you more accurate and precise writing and drawing. Finally, there’s always a problem when using normal stylus where if you rest your palm on the iPad it actually spoils your drawing or accidentally pressing a button on the app. The iPen eliminates the problem.

However, there’s a drawback where it’s not currently supported by just any sketching or drawing app. Currently only the following apps are supported:-


The people behind the iPen are currently working with popular app developers for integration. This is a Kickstarter project and if you like this stylus, you can pledge $79 or more to get the iPen kit. Give your support before December 26th 2011. The iPen runs on 2 batteries that can last for 100 hours of continuous writing and it also comes with a 1 year warranty. Check out the video demo below.

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