jaja – Pressure Sensitive Stylus


When you’re drawing or sketching, you need an accurate stylus but most styluses has difficulty letting you find the fine point and is not pressure sensitive. Here comes jaja, another Kickstarter project aiming to solve that problem.

Unlike other styluses which use a soft nib or even the most recent iPen which uses ultrasonic and infrared signals to give higher accuracy and precision, jaja uses high frequency sounds to communicate with any tablet that has a microphone. The sounds cannot be heard by human ears. It’s claimed to be able to give up to 1,024 different levels of pressure sensitivity strokes. There’s also 2 buttons that let you erase or change color with ease.

I’m not sure if this unique technology is sound but it sure looks like it needs custom written apps to support it. The good thing is that it does not need any extra wires or devices to communicate with it. The project is targeting a funding goal of $25,000 before February 2012. If you would like to support the jaja stylus, head on to their Kickstarter page. The first 500 people can get the stylus for $40. It will retail for $69 if the project is successful.

Here’s a video of the creator Jon Atherton talking about the jaja stylus:-


The JaJa stylus was successfully funded and is now a reality. You can find out more about the HEX JaJa pressure sensitive styus from their website. It’s selling for $89.99 and you might find one at Amazon.

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