Levenger Combines Old School With New School Stylus Pen

If you are one of those who has owned a Rotring pen before, then you’ll probably like this stylus from Levenger. For those who don’t know, Rotring is a german technical writing and drawing instruments company and its design became iconic in the 80s which you can see below.


The Levenger L-Tech Plus Stealth Ballpoint with Stylus will remind you of the old Rotring pen and it comes with both a ballpoint pen and a capacitive stylus at the other end so you can use it with your tablets. It’s crafted in solid brass to give you that good weighty feel and the barrel is also faceted to prevent it from rolling around your desk. The ballpoint retracts and deploys with a twist. It has a smooth textured grip to give you comfort when writing with it. The stylus is made of silicone and it’s not the most durable material but there’s replacements available for $6. It’s retailing for $69 on their website but a quick check at Amazon has it selling cheaper for $34.


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