MouLus: Stylus and Mouse Combined


As the tablet becomes more and more popular, you see that it’s starting to replace the desktops and laptops as your device for work or pleasure. While this might take some time but here’s one stylus that takes your tablet a step closer to being an ultra-portable computer. Called the MouLus, it’s actually combines both a stylus and a Bluetooth mouse. However, this device seems to work only on Android devices 3.1 and later and also Windows 8 tablets. iPad users will have to skip on this one as it does not support mouse input yet.

MouLus gives you new possibilities with your tablet like playing PC games on your tablet or editing photos while on the go. You can combine the use of finger gestures (i.e zooming in and out) while filling in the details of an outline drawing with the mouse. The Bluetooth mouse works on most surfaces like your chair armrest or even on your jeans.

MouLus comes built-in with a rechargeable battery that should last a week on a full charge. It has 3 functional buttons that work like a mouse, left, right and middle click, and even scroll up and down. This is a Kickstarter project and if you’re an Android and Windows tablet owner who’s interested in this unique stylus pen, then head on to support them here before February 25th 2013. Check out the MouLus in action below:-

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