Pencil: Stylus For FiftyThree’s Paper App


The makers of the iPad sketching app called Paper which is one of the better sketch apps out there has also released a stylus for their app. Called the Pencil, it’s as the name suggests designed like a pencil.

Pencil is a Bluetooth stylus that offers both palm rejection and eraser functionality which is now included with the latest version of the Paper app. To use the eraser, just flip the stylus over and use it like a typical eraser without the need to switch tools in the app. What’s also cool is that the app is able to recognize between your finger and the stylus which gives you new feature such as Blend. It lets you use your finger to smudge and blend colors which gives you more realism in your drawings.

The stylus is nicely crafted where you can choose either a premium-grade walnut or a solid black aluminum body. You can remove the eraser and slide out its inner battery compartment where it has a USB plug. The stylus tip is made of rubber which is not the most durable material but it comes with a pair of replacement for both eraser and the tip should it wear off. It is recommended by FiftyThree that you do not use the stylus with a screen protector as the rough surface can dramatically increase the wear on Pencil’s rubber tips.

Since Pencil is a Bluetooth device, it has a built-in battery where you can charge it via USB. A single charge is supposed to last for a month of normal use.

The stylus is compatible with any iPad with Retina display or iPad Mini (iPad generation 3 or 4, iPad Air, both iPad Mini models). You can still use it with other apps as a normal stylus but you won’t get the eraser or blending features.

The walnut model is retailing for $59.95 and comes with built-in magnets so you can stick it to an Apple Smart Cover while the aluminum graphite version is retailing for $49.95. Check out the video demo below:-

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