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Artists who use the iPad to create art and drawings will be pleased to know of another tool that is out to aid them. Ten One Design has come out with a new stylus called the Pogo Connect which is a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus. Pogo Connect uses a single AAA battery instead of a built-in rechargeable battery and it’s claimed to last for months. This could be because it’s using Bluetooth 4.0 which is energy saving but that means it’s only supported on iPad 3rd generation and above. However if you have an iPhone 4S and above, a Pogo Bridge app could actually be used as a communicator for the iPad 1 and iPad 2 to actually use the pressure-sensitive function. Last resort if you have neither one, you could just use it as a standard capacitive stylus minus the pressure-sensitive feature.

The Pogo Connect uses Crescendo Sensor technology which lets you have hundreds of levels of pressure and is incredibly sensitive. There’s a bunch of iPad apps that already support this stylus like Paper by FiftyThree and SketchBook Pro. The compatible apps will automatically detect the stylus and a blue light will tell you that its ready to use. There’s also a Pogo Connect iPad app that lets you connect with the stylus. The app also lets you detect the stylus’ location in case you misplaced it. How cool is that? Bluetooth 4.0 actually has a range of 60 meters, so you need not worry about losing it. The Pogo Connect doesn’t actually have an off button but it comes with power saving feature to maximise your battery power.

Pogo Connect is available for $79.95 and you can find more information from their site. Check out the promo and demo video of the stylus below:-

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    do you know what are the supported Bluetooth Profiles in this smart pen?

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