Premium Suite Adds Functionality to Samsung Galaxy Note Stylus


For Samsung Galaxy Note users who are waiting for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update in Q2 2012 will get the Premium Suite bundled in as well. In case you’re wondering what the Premium Suite is, it’s basically a software suite optimized to take advantage of the S-Pen that’s bundled together with the Note.

Among some of the applications that come together is the S Note that lets you combine your notes or sketches alongside other digital content. It comes with various templates for you to quickly create meeting minutes, diary and others. It also has Shape Match and Formula Match applications that help correct and digitize geometric shapes and even solve numeric formulas hand-drawn with S Pen.

The S Memo is also upgraded to let you catch any idea directly from the homescreen and uploaded to the cloud and then access it again in its exact form.

There’s also an app called My Story that lets you create personalized digital cards like birthday cards using notes, video content, photos, text or voice.

And if that’s not enough, Samsung is bundling a special edition of Angry Birds Space as well to keep you entertained. Samsung seems to be doing it right in creating value added software for the stylus and not just focusing on the hardware side of things. Check out the video demo of the Premium Suite:-

[via: Samsung Tomorrow]

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