PressurePen – Pressure Sensitive Stylus


We’ve seen a number of pressure sensitive stylus coming out this year and here’s another one called the PressurePen. It has an integrated sensor for detecting pressure which is sent to the tablet via an audio cable to the headset jack. So this works with any tablet device like the iPad and Android which has a headphone port and doesn’t require any Bluetooth.

Specially written apps will be able to detect varying degree of strokes(up to 1000 levels apparently). If you have a hard stroke, the line will be thicker and if it’s a light touch will result in a fine line.

The PressurePen is a Kickstarter project where this stylus will be open source and all pressure sensing code and internal skeleton will be released for custom modifications if successfully funded. If you’re interested in supporting this idea, head on to the Kickstarter page and pledge $50 for the retail version of the PressurePen stylus to be shipped over once funded. Project ends on April 20th 2012.

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