SnapFuse Clips For iPad Smart Covers


If you have a Smart Cover for your iPad, chances are you are looking for a clip that can attach your stylus to. Here’s a Kickstarter project which has a clip not only for your stylus but a bunch of other multi-purpose clips as well. Called the SnapFuse Clips specially designed for the iPad Smart Covers, it comes in a set of 5 clips where you have:-

  • Stylus Clip – A simple clip to always have your stylus or a pen on hand when you have your iPad.
  • Double Clip – We realize that even if you are paperless with iPad, someone will hand you paper for notes, reminders, documents, and other things. Now have both a stylus for your iPad and a pen for those other papers with you.
  • Card/Multi-Use Clip – Whether you need business cards or credit cards with you, this clip keeps them there. It also is a great clip to use for bluetooth headsets.
  • Cord Wrap – We all know what a pain it is when you forget your headphones as you are boarding a plane. Keep them with you anytime you travel with the headphone wrap.
  • Screen Clip – Get rid of the frustration of having your smart cover flip around between your iPad when you are holding it in one hand. This clip easily keeps the cover completely open by snapping over the top edge of your iPad.


Looks like a bunch of pretty useful clips to me. If you’re interested to see this project through, pledge your support at the Kickstarter page where $10 will get you 1 set of 5 clips if the project is successfully funded. Project ends April 21st 2012. Here’s a video demo on how the clips work:-

SnapFuse Clips Fold-Away from [Fuse]Chicken on Vimeo.

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