StyliStorm – Stylus for Capacitive and Resistive Screens


Here’s one stylus called the StyliStorm that will work with both capacitive and resistive screens. Its unique design is ergonomically constructed so that it will feel extremely natural to draw with on most hands and tries to eliminate hand cramps when used with other styluses.

It comes in 2 sizes, 1 skinny and 1 wide so people of different hand sizes can choose one that fits their hand. It also has a tip of different sizes from a high precision and accurate 1mm and others all the way to 8mm. 

StyliStorm is a Kickstarter project which means that they’ll need your support and pledge to reach their target goal of $7500 before November 23rd 2011. The stylus can be yours for $25 if the project goes through but it’s not mentioned if it includes worldwide shipping.

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