Styló – The Double Edge Magnet Stylus


Here’s another Kickstarter project where you can help support and make this Styló stylus go into production phase. In my opinion, it looks like a really nice stylus that is built with 2 rare earth magnets that will attach to your iPad 2 screen and will even attach to the Smart Cover if you have one.

The Stylo stylus is also built with a double tip design which allows you to write with either ways. Saves you time! This solid stylus is constructed with premium materials like high quality foam and anodized aluminum that is built to last. It comes in 2 colors:- black and silver.

If you are interested in this stylus, you can help pledge your support by December 3rd 2011. Donations of $20 or more will get you one of this stylus with the color of your choice shipped for free in the US if it’s successfully funded.

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