Stylus Plus Keyring: Multi-Purpose Stylus


We’ve seen a lot of combo stylus around but here’s one that’s rather unique. Called the Stylus Plus Keyring, it’s a stylus that combines both a keyring and a hidden storage. Why would you get this stylus? This Kickstarter project is the brainchild of Alex from the UK where he explains how he got the idea. It was during the cold weather where he finds himself having to remove his gloves every time he needs to use his mobile phone. A compact keyring stylus seems to solve the problem. That makes sense if you’re using a smartphone that does not have a stylus attached together. On top of that, the storage is capable of storing a $20 Euro note in it.

The stylus is made durable with high-grade aluminium combined with a fabric capacitive tip. This is definitely better than the standard rubber tip which tends to die off after a while. If you’re interested in this stylus, pledge your support at the Kickstarter page before 29th July 2013.


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