Su-Pen: Award Winning Stylus For iPhone & iPad


Here’s another durable looking stylus called Su-Pen that’s released for the US market. A product of a japanese company called MetaMoJi, this stylus has won many awards in Japan and they have decided to bring this stylus to US consumers.

The Su-Pen uses a unique nib that’s made from special conductive fibers instead of the typical rubber nib. From the demo video below, you can see that it’s pretty responsive and senstive to the device’s screen. The body is made to be durable and you can choose to use it as a full-length stylus or even as a mini-stylus as you wish. The stylus is pretty innovative which is typical of japanese products where the nib head can be removed to be used on standard pencil holders.

The Su-Pen is currently available for $39.99 in the Amazon store and comes in 3 different colors. For more info of the stylus, check out the link here.

Su-Pen P170M-CLA (Aqua Blue)
Su-Pen P170M-CLW (White)
Su-Pen P170M-CLB (Black)

[Su-Pen] Introduction from MetaMoJi on Vimeo.

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