TABU DUO Erasing Stylus


Rarely we see a stylus that lets you both write and erase at the same time. TABU Duo Erasing Stylus does just that and has a dual tip that gives you a writing experience just like how you would with a pencil and paper. At one end, you have a triangular precision tip and with a simple flip you get a unique flat eraser tip. 

One drawback though is that the eraser tip can only work with a free app called Tabu Paper while the writing tip can be used with any other sketch and writing apps. The stylus is built with anodized aluminum housing and comes in 3 colors blue, black or silver. This stylus is a Kickstarter project and will only go into production if it reaches its funding goal by June 4th 2012. Currently it’s a bit far off from its target but if you’re interested in some last minute funding, head on to the Kickstarter page and a pledge of $20 or more will get you one of this stylus if the project goes through.

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