The Hand Glider – No More Accidental Marks


If you’ve tried using a stylus to sketch and draw on a tablet like the iPad, you’ll most likely rest your palm on it to be comfortable. That’s fine except you’ll find that your drawing is now spoilt as you see accidental extra marks that was caused by your hand. The problem is now eliminated with this new Kickstarter project called The Hand Glider.

It’s a glove that is specially designed with light weight material and is comfortable for your hand. You no longer have the “Hand In The Air” problem where you have to avoid contact with the tablet screen that causes accidental “smudge” or even preventing the stylus from being detected.

Now, you won’t have someone complaining why your note taking apps look so messy and dirty. The Hand Glider glove needs your support at Kickstarter and can be yours for $15. There’s a variety of sizes from S – XXL but only comes in black for initial roll out. Other colors will come if it’s successfully funded April 5th 2012.

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