The Joy Factory Pinpoint Precision Stylus With Ultra-Slim Tip

When you first look at this stylus, you’ll see that it looks very identical to the LYNKtec TruGlide Apex stylus. This stylus by The Joy Factory called the Pinpoint Precision Stylus looks like an OEM rebadge of the LYNKtec stylus but does add some minor variations and improvements.

The Pinpoint Precision Stylus has a unique small nib which is 2.4mm wide which gives you more accuracy in your sketches and writings. The body is made of metal and has some weight to it to give you that quality feel. The stylus is powered with a AAAA battery and will not work if you don’t power it up with a twist. The battery is claimed to last for 4 weeks on normal usage. The blue indicator light will light up to let you know it’s turned on. The benefit of this though compared with other Bluetooth stylus is that this will work with any app and this doesn’t even require a Bluetooth connection. The drawback though is that it’s not a pressure sensitive stylus.


So coming back to the similarities with the TruGlide Apex stylus. It actually has one extra improvement which is it comes with a clip that you can clip to your pocket or your iPad case. The other plus is that this is cheaper by $10. If you’re looking for a fine-point stylus to give you better precision, then you might want to check this out.

The stylus retails for $49.95 but you can also get it from Amazon for $45.


1 thought on “The Joy Factory Pinpoint Precision Stylus With Ultra-Slim Tip

  1. I use an iPad Air to take notes using the app Notability, and all the non-electronic styli I tried required too much pressure to write comfortably. I decided to try an electronic stylus, and bought this one after some research. The first stylus I received malfunctioned right out of the box, dropping in and out of function leaving me with trails of dots rather than words when I wrote. They exchanged by stylus for a new one, which worked decently well for about a year, and then began malfunctioning just like the first one I bought. The one year warranty was just up, and the best deal customer support offered me was 20% off the same stylus (which now has newer versions).

    I wouldn’t buy this product again.

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