VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Note With Stylus Ad


Here’s another video ad from Samsung mocking loyal Apple fans who are queuing up for the latest iPhone. This time we have a guy walking pass owning a Samsung Galaxy Note and scribbling on it with a stylus. Steve Jobs may have hated the stylus but it seems the stylus is making a comeback for the Android camp. Let’s face it, writing and drawing with your fingers is smudgy and inaccurate to some level. Let’s not forget that the original Palm Pilot pda was a huge success and it comes with a stylus too. So will we see a future stylus bundled in together with the iPad or iPhone? Not that it really matters though as there’s already a whole bunch of third party styluses for the iPad and iPhone in the market but it could open up opportunity for new innovative apps that uses the stylus.

Anyway, pretty whacky ad and you get to see Miranda Kerr in it too. Check it out:-

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