Wacom Bamboo Stylus Fineline Released For The iPad

Wacom creator of the popular Bamboo Paper notebook app is back with another stylus called the Bamboo Stylus Fineline. Just as phones are getting thinner and thinner where every millimeter counts, the stylus tip is also experiencing the same competition. The Precision Touch Dart Stylus which I reviewed recently comes with a very thin 2.1mm tip and Wacom has made something even thinner measuring only 1.9mm. However the similarities are just that of the tip but the technology being used are different.

The Bamboo Stylus Fineline is a Bluetooth stylus which means it’s only supported on iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini (1st and 2nd generation) or newer. Yes, it’s only supported on iOS devices. There’s pros and cons with a Bluetooth stylus and the benefits for this particular stylus is that it supports 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, shortcut function and palm rejection. The cons is that you can’t use it straight off with just any app but there’s a good number of apps supporting it such as Bamboo Paper and PDFpen. There’s planned integration with the following apps later such as Noteshelf, Notes Plus, INKredible, GoodReader, and MyScript.


The body is made of high-quality brushed aluminum which measures 11.9mm thick and has a built-in rechargeable battery. You charge the stylus with a micro-USB cable and takes around 2 hours for a full charge and is claimed to last for 26 hours. There seems to be some complaints from some users about an offset issue where it’s off by 2-3mm from the tip. I’m unable to verify this as I have yet to review it yet.

Anyway if you’re interested the stylus is retailing for $59 and comes in 5 different colors gray, silver, blue, orange and pink. Check out the video promo of it below:-

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