What’s The Best Stylus For Kids & Children?

As technology keeps improving, so are the learning methods that kids are taught with. Nowadays it’s common for parents to use tablets such as the iPad to teach their children how to draw and write. They could use their fingers or they could use a stylus which can teach them drawing and handwriting skills. There are many educational apps out there which can help accelerate their learning process and it’s important to get a stylus that will be comfortable to hold.

Kids probably require nearly indestructible stylus as they tend to throw and bang it on something. Those chubby tiny fingers need a thicker stylus otherwise if it’s too hard to hold, the child might just become frustrated and give up altogether. Styluses with rubber grips will help young kids with those small hands to hold it more tightly. Thin styluses should be avoided. To help you choose the right one, we’ve compiled a list of suitable styli for thouse young ones.


This wide-grip stylus is not only comfortable to hold but it’s tip is also incredibly durable. Called the Cosmonaut by Studio Neat, the thick shaft has a rubber grip that feels great to hold for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. It will work with any app and all capacitive touch screens like the iPad or Android Nexus tablet. Great for doodling, sketching and writing.


This thick and easy to hold stylus called the AluPen by Just Mobile is very tough as it’s made of high quality aluminum. It has a ultra-soft rubber nib to give you smooth control when drawing or sketching. One thing to note is that younger children may damage the iPad screen if they hit it too hard with it. Probably more suitable for older kids.

GreatShield Chalkee

The GreatShield Chalkee stylus is great for the young ones. Designed like a crayon from your younger days, the stylus has a soft rubberized touch and the thick grip makes it easier for children to handle and hold. It has an extra durable soft rubber tip to prevent scratching or damage to your tablet’s screen. It’s cute and comes in many colors too.

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