iPic – Music Guitar Pick Stylus For Your iPad


If you’ve downloaded a guitar app on your iPhone or iPad, you probably wished that you have a guitar pick like accessory instead of having to strum and tap with your fingertips. That’s where this stylus called the iPic by Woodees designed almost the same size as a real guitar pick lets you have a great jamming experience with your iPad.

There’s also a free iPad app called Miso Music: Plectrum where you can download for free and start strumming your favorite songs. Apart from using it as a guitar pick, it can also be used for drawing, writing and sketching on your iPad. It’s built with anodized aluminum with a soft rubber nib that works with capacitive screens.

You can also combine it with the iTar guitar iPad dock, and you’ll have a real guitar rocking session. Get the iPic stylus from the Woodees website for $14.99.


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