Chopstakes Multitouch Styli

By iPadStylusBlog • iPad Stylus


If you are bored with the same single stick stylus that you use for your iPad, why not get a pair of Chopstakes. The stylus comes in a pair as you would’ve guessed and it’s built from aluminum alloy with a rubber tip. The weight is also ideally distributed for perfect balance in the hand.¬†

Other than impressing your friends, you can also use this for drumming and maybe as collector’s item for the Chinese and Sushi enthusiasts. It comes in 2 lengths:¬†Type S (175mm / 6.9 inch) and Type L (235mm / 9.3 inch). The Type S is selling for $34.95 and the Type L for $44.95. Now that’s what I call unique.


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