Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 With Stylus At MWC


Fresh out of MWC 2012 which is the annual Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona, we see a bigger brother of the Samsung Galaxy Note which has a 10.1 inch screen and also comes with a bigger stylus. Samsung seems to be pressing for the stylus to make a comeback. 

The Note 10.1 uses the same S-Pen which is what they call their styluses from the earlier 5.3 inch model. It’s using Wacom’s pressure-sensitive technology and apparently this version recognizes even more degrees of pressure. One difference is that it has a eraser tip which you can use to erase whatever you have sketched or written with the stylus.

The Note 10.1 comes with better optimized apps for the stylus pen like Adobe Photoshop Touch, Adobe Ideas, Zen Brush, Omni Sketch, Hello Crayon and others. The drawback for the Note 10.1 seems to be that there’s no built-in S-Pen holder, so you might end up losing the pen. Check out the demo of the S-Pen at MWC:-

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