LYNKtec TruGlide Pro Now With Artist Paintbrush Tip

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LYNKtec TruGlide Pro Now With Artist Paintbrush Tip

If you are someone who has the LYNKtec TruGlide Pro stylus which comes with a microfiber tip, then you might want to know that the artist paintbrush tip is now available. It’s similar with the Sensu Brush but this saves you the trouble of having 2 different styluses and instead just replace the barrel with the brush tip.

The brush is made of conductive organic and synthetic fibers that will work with any capacitive screen like the iPad or Nexus 7. One thing to note is that the stylus doesn’t give any pressure sensitivity features but it gives artists the traditional soft brush experience. If you’re looking for a pressure sensitive brush, check out Pogo Connect’s new brush tip.

The stylus together with the barrel measures about 6 inches long (148mm) which is nice to hold and is not too long or short. The TruGlide Pro stylus is a well made stylus and recommended if you’re looking for a good length stylus with interchangeable tips that has an artist brush tip and a microfiber tip.

The artist brush is now available for $14.95 and you can find out more from their website.

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