XStylus Touch – Fountain Pen-Like iPad Stylus


Having seen a lot of iPad stylus, this is one cool looking stylus built to give you a fountain pen-like experience. This stylus called the XStylus Touch is a tip heavy stylus, 32 grams to be exact and is built ergonomically.

Comes in 2 different colors, glossy black or white and additionally has a clear magnetic holder that is attached to the iPad so you won’t lose the stylus. The stylus itself can be magnetically attached to the edge of the iPad.

XStylus Touch is currently on IndieGoGo, a funding site just like Kickstarter. If you’re interested, you can pledge USD$25 inclusive of worldwide shipping only if they reach the target of USD$50,000 goal before 18th October 2011 but it’ll be refunded if they don’t. So if you really like it, head on and pledge your support.

[via: CNET]

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