LunaTik Touch Pen – Ballpoint Pen With Stylus


As the iPad shows no sign of slowing down, more people are using it to write on and take notes. There’s also probably a need to switch between digital and analog(the paper) during the day. Having to switch between a ballpoint pen and a stylus can be cumbersome. So that’s where this stylus pen aims to solve the problem. Called the LunaTik Touch Pen, it’s another Kickstarter project that needs your support. At the time of writing, it has already reached its funding goal but you can still get one if you’re interested.


This really cool and nice looking stylus has a ballpoint pen right inside the stylus tip. It’s retractable like a normal clickable ballpoint pen so you need to remember its state otherwise you’ll scratch your iPad. There’s plenty of colors for you to choose from and it’s built with aircraft grade aluminum barrel, a clip that is hard coated with PVD plating, and a high grade silicone rubber grip.


If you’re interested in this stylus pen, the LunaTik Alloy Touch Pen with silver anodized aluminum body and graphite metal clip version is yours for $30 or more. There’s a whole bunch of other versions which you can check from the Kickstarter page like the special Anniversary Edition which gives you an exclusive green anodized Lunatik Alloy Touch Pen and a LunaTik LYNK Watch Kit in black. Project ends on February 10th 2012.

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