iSpoon: Wooden Spoon That Also Acts As Your Stylus


There’s so many cooking apps out there nowadays that it makes sense that you do carry your iPad or some other tablet to the kitchen to help you make those yummylicious meals. Only problem is that you’ll probably be worried that your expensive gadget gets sticky and greasy. Meet the iSpoon, a wooden spoon that also acts as a stylus. 

How would you use this you might ask. Imagine this. Throw in some chicken fillet and potatoes into the pot with the spoon but dammit, you forgot how much pepper you need. You could either wash your hands, or you could just flip the iSpoon over and use it to scroll the ingredients section on your app.

For just $7, that saves you a lot of trouble and proves to be very functional as well. If you’re interested in getting this iSpoon kitchen stylus, just head on to their site.

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