Realistic Finger Painting Of Morgan Freeman With the iPad


If you’ve not seen this video, then you’ve missing out on some real crazy awesome finger painting done on the iPad. The video by artist Kyle Lambert has already hit more than 10 million views where he shows how he created the painting with just one finger, an iPad Air, and the app Procreate.

Kyle Lambert is a UK-based visual artist and has done other celebrity finger paintings like a portrait of Beyonce. While it was also pretty damn good but it was not like the photorealism of his latest Morgan Freeman one. After the video was released, a lot of people were questioning whether the final image was a fake. TUAW did an image comparison with the original image using Black Pixel’s Kaleidoscope app and found that the painted image is indeed different from the actual photograph. 

You can also check out more about Lambert’s technique from this video at Macworld 2011.

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