Blue Tiger: Pressure-Sensitive iPad Stylus


Ten One Design, the makers of the popular Pogo Sketch stylus is back with an innovative project code-named Blue Tiger. It’s claimed to be the first pressure-sensitive stylus for the iPad that uses Bluetooth 4.0. With the iPad 3 or iPad HD being announced hours from now, this stylus is among the front runners to be using the new technology with the CoreBluetooth framework fully supported in iOS 5.

Bluetooth 4.0 devices lets you connect with each other easily and requires minimal battery life. The stylus should appeal to designers and artists who wants more realism where different thickness in strokes could be achieved just like a normal brush or pen. 

If you’re taking out your credit card from your wallet now, then stop. Blue Tiger is not going to be out that soon yet as they finalise the design and get FCC approval. For now, app developers who are interested to take advantage of this feature can sign up with the Blue Tiger project and integrate the free code into their apps. Check out the video demo of the stylus:-  

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